Catacombs, 2016
Colored pencil, nails, parchment paper, screen mesh, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
18.5 ” x 23.5 x 6”


Catacombs suggests a series of underground passageways to fading memories, whose function is to represent portals to the deeply and darkly hidden chambers of the mind.


A Sense of Memory, 2015
Cast metal, found glass, steel wire, steel wool, oil pastel, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
60” x 41” x 14”


A Sense of Memory is influenced by the musical notation for repetition.  It is a measure of the complexities of visual and aural recorded impressions and the patterns and processes that encode, store and retrieve these elements of memory.  


Villanelle, 2015
Acrylic, oil pastel, gel medium, copper wire, paper, found magnifying glass, found keys, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
15” x 25” x 4”


Villanelle is an altering of fixed poetic form, a disarray of magnified words sealed behind glass and an examination of repetition and rhyme in brainwave activity during the cycles and stages of sleep and dreams.


Compartmentalize, 2015
Cast glass, found glass bulbs, found coil spring, found metal shelf, found nails, oil pastel, wallpaper in found box
18” x 10.5” x 3.5”


Compartmentalize is the categorization of a personal history of thought.  It is an intentional division of communication, through the physical and emotional separation of internal desires and external drives.


Impermanence, 2015
Cast glass, copper wire, found screen mesh, found saw blades, upholstery tacks, found barbed wire, found metal, steel rods, wood stain on wood panel
14” x 32” x 5”


Impermanence is a result of research on one of the three marks of existence in Buddhism.  The term impermanence, expresses the notion that all of conditioned existence is comparable to a river, transient and in a constant state of flux. 


The Butterfly Effect, 2015
Latex house paint, cast glass, copper, steel wire, nails, found brass butterflies on wood panel
11" x 44.5" x 5.5"


The Butterfly Effect is inspired by Edward Lorenzs’ research on chaos, in particular, his insight about the way nature works and idea that small changes can have large consequences. 


Transference, 2015
Acrylic, latex house paint, paper, plastic, plaster, mirror, steel wire, nails, glass marbles, metal on wood panel
12.5 " x 40" x 5"


Transference is a reaction to the untenable argument that animal research and experimentation informs our basic human need for understanding and the attitude that because these methods advance our knowledge of human behavior, they are therefore ethical and humane. 


Lingering Pulse, 2014
Metal, barbed wired, fabric perfume atomizer bulb on canvas
4.75” x 4” x 2”

Lingering Pulse is a reflection on the waning palpations of the past and the reluctance to let go of memories tied to affairs of the heart.

An Ache For Distance.jpg

An Ache For Distance, 2013
Acrylic, colored pencil, found metal washers, found window shutters, found spray paint cans, on found wood in artists frame
16” x 43” x 2.75”


An Ache For Distance is inspired by the recurred longing for solitude, contrasted with a desire for a sense of place and the continual pursuit of comprehension concerning these ever-changing intervals between points of time and states of mind.