Internalizing the Weight of the Male Gaze, 2016
Pins, thread, fish sinkers, found paper male anatomical illustrations, found paper dolls on book covers and spine
14” x 41” x 1”


Internalizing the Weight of the Male Gaze is an examination of the historical relevance of teaching materials.  It is a consideration of educational toys and tools as weapons that are systematically designed to play a role in reinforcing the socially constructed notion of the feminine beauty ideal.  The result of this conditioning is the persistence and prevalence of the objectification of women, therefore psychologically and physically stripping them of their agency and internally and externally affecting the ways in which they are forced to navigate the spaces they occupy.  



Hooks in the Hanged Man, 2016
Deconstructed book pages on picket fence board
72” x 27” x 1”


Hooks in the Hanged Man is my response to these words written by Bell Hooks: “When liberal whites fail to understand how they can and/or do embody white supremacist values and beliefs even though they many not embrace racism as prejudice or domination (especially domination that involves coercive control), they cannot recognize the ways their actions support and affirm the very structure of racist domination and oppression that they wish to see eradicated.”


Storm Clouds, 2014
Vertical blinds, spray paint, hose pipes
50 ’x 103’


Throughout history, one of the oldest games people have played entails the use of hands to manipulate string on and around fingers, in an attempt to create figures.  It was believed that these string figures were an instrument in foretelling the future and that the forecast is often determined by who is pulling the strings. As you approach the pair of hands joined together by the string figure of storm clouds looming, the intention is to consider what the clouds hanging over ones head refer to and to bring awareness to states of existence, especially to those characterized by hardship and suffering.