The aim of this work is to bring attention to the fact that even though horticultural plastics are intended to propagate life by housing plants, they are also contributing to the environmental degradation and depletion of our natural world.  In place of functioning in line with their design, as conduits for renewable and sustainable natural resources, these plastics are alternately shape shifting in the form of an invasive species and subsequently colonizing areas where their impact is gaining a deeply rooted ecological edge that is detrimental to the health of all existence. 


The OIL in the SOIL, 2016
Acrylic, latex house paint, plastic horticultural trays on PVC pipe
6 ’x 14’ x 1’


The Persistence of Plastic Pollutants.jpg

The Persistence of Plastic Pollutants: A man-induced invasive species, 2017
Metal ivy leaves on plastic horticultural trays
120” x 72" x 24”


Geomancy, 2017
Plastic horticultural trays, wire, wood, acrylic latex, metal rings, glass shards
Dimensions vary