Scarcity, 2017
Acrylic, latex, charcoal, oil pastel, upholstery nails, thread, wire, pink Himalayan salt, on wood panel
24” x 48” x 2.5”


Manifesting Power, 2017
Cedar bark, found porcelain knob electric insulator, on wood
42" x 6" x 5"


Native to Mexico, 2017
Mixed media
18" x 50" x 5"


Native to Mexico is nspired by the geometrical representation of Plato's (lower) branch of the tree of triples.  


True North, 2017
Acrylic, latex house paint, found wood, metal, nails, wire, wood stain on wood panel
96” x 18” x 4



Internal Compass, 2016
Cast glass, chalk pastel, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
48” x 48.5” x 5”



The Passage of Time, 2014
Metal, steel wire, oil pastel, wood stain on wood panel in artists frame
61” x 18” x 3”


The Passage of Time is a present-day interpretation and reproduction of a diagram dating the past.  It is a sourced visual recording of the year-by-year studies on a series of generational trees and a scientific reading of place and time through the examination of their ring growth patterns.